Reg No.E-2402


Niti.Ayog.No - MH/2022/0306839

CSR: 00025473

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We Work For Child's Better  Future

Child safe Foundation Mumbai is focused on its work in the area of improving child healthcare outcomes in underprivileged sections of society. 

We focus on basics such as (a) the Surgery Support Programme(SSP) which provides affordable, immediate relief and medical intervention to critical health issues, and (b) School Health Programme (SHP) which addresses long-term healthcare outcomes through health & hygiene awareness programs in schools.

Child safe foundation is a non-profit organization registered as a Bombay public trust act 1950 with registration no. E-2402 on 14 Feb 2022 providing qualified health care services to poor people of villages around Mumbai in the districts of Mumbai.

About us

Our Mission

To work for better quality health, education, and well-being of every child irrespective of their economic status, race, and religious background. We endeavor to complement the existing public and private healthcare system so as to ensure high-quality, comprehensive, continuous healthcare for every infant, child, and adolescent in a timely and attainable manner.

Our Vision

To reduce child morbidity and mortality rates and contribute to the health and wellness of children in schools and communities.